Laser Strike II

Laser Strike II.  The greatest game ever made by me using Game Maker.

Play as the indomitable pilot of a highly advanced space tank with the simple goal of saving the universe from the relentless onslaught of wave after wave of crushing enemy opposition.

Use over ten special weapons, from lasers to machine guns, from shotguns to time-stops, from confusions to full-out air strikes, and did I mention lasers?

Get to hear a totally cool soundtrack written, recorded, and remastered by me.  In a few hours.  On one instrument.  And it's still awesome.

Destroy evil aliens with powers such as speed, virtually impenetrable hulls, crafty flight patterns, and even cloaking.

What are you waiting for?  Start kicking some mindless alien butt!

Platinum edition now available, updates include:

- Remastered Soundtrack - Better equalization and subtle effects
- Balanced Time Stop
- More cloaked enemy spies
- More giant warships
- Balanced Confusion
- Balanced Shotgun

*New* unofficial demo!
Excuse the low quality; recorded with Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture.

Enjoy, and leave feedback too!

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